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Welcome to WW1 Inspiring Purpose! By this stage, you should have your poster template – if you haven’t received this yet, we have a downloadable e-version which can be completed using Microsoft Word.

There are 6 key sections you will need to complete during this activity: Virtues and Values, Favourite War Poem, Inspiring Story/Person, Inspiring Quotes, Photo/Painting and Aspiration. You can use our detailed poster guide to walk you through the WW1 Inspiring Purpose process below.

If you haven’t received your poster yet, we have a downloadable e-version which can be completed using Microsoft Word, you will receive this instantly once you complete the form on the ‘Apply‘ page.

“From my research i have learned that when the world is at war, we should give everything we can, whether it be large or small, for example giving some money to charity. What matters is we have given something to support those who need it most.”

Katie Drummond, St. Gregory's Catholic High School

“The research this project Incorporated, made me truly thankful for my life. Learning about how countless people suffered to enable us to live the lives we are today caused me to recognise my own good fortune.”

Mehr Siddiqui, (Student) The Green School

“I need to take risks and make my life a happy and loved one. I need to do this because the soldiers who died had their lives wasted and I don’t want to take my life for granted.”

Olivia Osborne, Ridgeway School

“I want to be a history teacher because i want to share the terror of this war and teach people that war is terrible. I will also teach pupils about Wilfred Owen and his heroism during World War One.”

Willow Smith, (Student) Holy Trinity Secondary School